2h ago
A Ukrainian train is a lifeline connecting the nation’s capital with the front line
The train that runs from Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, to the city of Kramatorsk in the east stands apart from others in Ukraine.

2h ago
Runway show in Paris features mysterious AI device as a fashion accessory
Coperni held its fashion week outing in a vast underground sound research centre in the heart of Paris, showcasing sporty ultra-modern styles with tech devices, the Humane Ai Pin.

5h ago
Switch to these foods to help reduce bloating and stay healthy
Here’s how you can adjust your diet to decrease this uncomfortable condition.

5h ago
The Sphere in Las Vegas: where technology meets art
James Dolan's sketch of the Sphere becomes reality as the venue opens with a U2 show in Las Vegas

6h ago
Young Tongans dream of the rugby meal ticket
For young Tongans, professional rugby offers them the potential for a better future.

8h ago
Putting priority on heritage tourism in Melaka
The Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry allocates quarter of a million ringgit to restore a historic mosque in Melaka.

8h ago
When's the best time to exercise to lose weight?
To combat those extra kilos, working out in the morning has the best effect, according to research.

10h ago
Game on: The couple that games together, stays together
LevelUp delves into the fascinating world of gaming partnerships, exploring what draws couples to the virtual realm and what they derive from their immersive adventures together.

20h ago
Patimah sides with ex-daughter-in-law Puteri Sarah after netizens criticise the actress
Some netizens apparently told Puteri Sarah to keep away from her former father-in-law as a sign of consideration towards Syamsul Yusof's current wife.

21h ago
Angelina Jolie says her younger, darker self may want to resurface
In her younger years, Jolie was known for making headlines that solidified her standing as a Hollywood 'bad girl'.

22h ago
Screams greet Cher, as she attends Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week runway show
As Cher made her way into the Givenchy show during Paris Fashion Week, there was a commotion. The sight of the music legend incited fervent screams and cheers.

23h ago
Julian Lennon reveals 'love-hate' relationship with 'Hey Jude,' which Paul McCartney wrote for him
The song came about during the messy split between John Lennon and Cynthia Lennon, Julian's mother.

1d ago
Reason to go to the museum; babies are able to appreciate art too
It turns out that babies can see well enough to look longer at some paintings than others, and can pay attention to many of the artistic details.

1d ago
Sufjan Stevens has to learn how to walk again after battling Guillain-Barre syndrome
The Grammy-nominated artiste added that he had been 'stuck in bed' in the hospital for weeks while a medical staff worked on stabilising his condition.

1d ago
Augmented reality brings Sulaiman Esa’s early Johor Baru paintings to life
Sulaiman Esa’s 'Visions Of Reality' immersive art show offers a unique experience of old world Johor Baru, using virtual and augmented reality

1d ago
Never put your feet up on the dashboard
Passengers in the front seat of a car should sit upright regardless of whether the journey is just a quick spin to the supermarket or a long drive to the holiday destination.

1d ago
Fashion designer Gabriela Hearst exits Chloe dancing, with runway swan song
In a bold departure from the sombre farewells often seen in fashion, designer Gabriela Hearst literally danced her way out of Chloe at her final show, radiating pure, unapologetic joy.

1d ago
Shakira charged with tax evasion by Spanish authorities for 2nd time
The singer has made previous statements against Spanish tax authorities, calling the charges a 'salacious press campaign'.

1d ago
Malaysian music composer and classical Indian dancer use their art as advocacy tools
Malaysian music composer collaborates with classical Indian dancer and sexual abuse survivor to produce a powerful dance short film that gives survivors a voice.

1d ago
How adaptive clothing can boost persons with disabilities' confidence